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Polyak Precious Metals is the #1 Precious Metal Firm currently accepting BTC as paymen for precious metals, coins and bullion.

Polyak Precious Metals is family-owned and operated firm, specializing in buying and selling gold, silver & platinum products. We also have a large selection of rare coins. Our retail store is in San Francisco.

About Us

When investing in precious metals, it’s important to work with honest, trustworthy, and experienced people. Since gold and silver prices have skyrocketed in the past decade, many new companies started popping up. However, trading in bullion requires experience, and a track record of consistently delivering peoples investments to them in a timely manner. Polyak Precious Metals is one of the few companies in the industry that possess the tools to properly serve and educate clients.

We Buy & Sell Coins & Bullion

We Buy & Sell Coins & Bullion

Buying Gold & Silver for Cash

Buying Gold & Silver for Cash

Quick and Efficient Service

Experience a hassle-free buying process with us. We have mastered the art of gold buying. We are regularly complimented by clients who shop around and tell us that our transactions take just a fraction of the time compared to that of our competitors.

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We have been in business since an ounce of gold was less than $300. We have seen it all. Unlike many other gold buyers who opened their doors in the last five years, we have been in the precious metals industry when it wasn’t so popular.

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We offer free verbal appraisals, with no pressure to sell your items. We are extremely confident that our price will beat anyone else’s, so we don’t need to use any coercive tactics to pressure you to sell.

We pay cash, or company check on the spot, with no ropes to climb or loops to jump through to receive your payment.

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